Cheap Hotels in Saint Louis

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Most visitors to St. Louis will want to stay downtown, close to the Arch and other tourists attractions of the city. And there are plenty to choose from, with major chains like Westin, Hilton, Hampton, Hyatt, Omni, Sheraton and Marriott well represented for mid-range options. Those who prefer a bit more luxury can check out the Four Seasons or Ritz-Carlton, which range from $190 to $350 per night, while those on a tighter budget can opt for low-cost chains like the Best Western or Holiday Inn Express.

If you’re on a very small budget and want very basic accommodation, the Huck Finn hostel is a good option, with rates as low as $25 per night. If you prefer something a bit more upscale and with more personality, check out the lovely Brewers House Bed and Breakfast in the historic Soulard neighborhood.  Budget travelers with a car have a wider range of options, including staying 25 minutes away at the airport, while those relying on public transportation should stick close to downtown (near the Arch or stadium is best or in the Soulard area.

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