Despite a rich history,  a multi-cultural community, a burgeoning art scene, and its status as a breeding ground for great music, Detroit often gets a bad rap. Though the city has its share – perhaps more than its share, actually –  of problems, it’s nonetheless a city that played a vital part in the shaping of America.

For history buffs, art-lovers, foodies, photographers (all those empty buildings look great on camera), aut aficionados, music fans, and those who always root for the underdog, a visit to Detroit can unveil a number of pleasant surprises. At at just five hours by car (or an hour by plane) from Chicago, and even less time from Cleveland, Detroit makes for an accessible Midwest getaway.




If Detroit is on your travel radar, click below for more into on how to get there, where to stay, what to see and do, and where to eat and drink in this historic city.

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Photo by Bernt Rostad

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