Explore New York and Niagra Falls

There’s a longstanding rivalry between New York and Chicago. Chicagoans bristle at the thought of playing “second city” to New York. New Yorkers take offense at the idea that any city’s pizza could compare to a thin, greasy New York slice (or for that matter, that a Chicago-style hot dog could top one from NYC).

Personally, I’m partial to both cities. I love living in Chicago, and I love visiting New York. I try to get there at least every other year, though it’s so easy to find cheap flights to New York (thanks to it being a popular route with lots of competition) that I really have no excuse for not going more often.

If you’re ready to make the Chicago/New York comparison and see which city wins your affections, fall is a great time to go. It’s shoulder season and fall travel deals are easy to come by, plus you won’t have to content with the sweltering heat of summer of the icy cold of winter.

If you’re coming from further away, don’t stop at seeing just New York; there are many places nearby worth visiting, especially during fall when the leaves turn such beautiful, brilliant shares of red, orange and yellow. If you have a few extra days, you could combine your trip to NYC with a visit to Niagra Falls. It’s a 45-minute flight, 6 hour drive, or 9 hour train ride from the city to the Falls, but well worth the time and expense. Be sure to choose one of the hotels in Niagra Falls that offers views of the waterfall – a stunning sight you’ll want to see as much of as you can.

Photo by roychung1993