Public Transportation in Kansas City

Like other small cities in the Midwest, Kansas City is best seem by car. You can get around without one, but you’ll spend more time in transit, have more limited options, and you’ll need to take a shuttle or a pricey taxi between the airport the city. So if you’re coming in for a weekend trip from Chicago, you may be better off with a rental car.

The downtown area does have a fairly extensive bus system with an online trip planner, though most tourists will find the Max route covers all their needs. It runs from the City Market through downtown, past the Crossroads Art District and past the Liberty Memorial.

Fares start at $1.50; day passes are $3. Bus drivers do not give change.

Away from hotels, finding a taxi on the street in Kansas City ranges from difficult to impossible, depending on the area and time of day. If you find yourself stuck without a cab, find the nearest hotel or just call one.


In the downtown core, walking is an easy way to get around. But outside of a few square blocks, you won’t see many people on foot. If you plan to walk, check with your hotel to make sure the area is safe, and have the number of a cab company handy in case you need it.

Photo by proforged