Virgin America Begins Service to Chicago

For every Chicagoan who has been jealous of New Yorkers, now is the time to rejoice. Now, not only do we have better hot dogs and better pizza, we can also enjoy the same service and low prices on Virgin America that New Yorkers have been taking advantage of for years. Starting May 25, the airline will offer nonstop flights to San Fransisco, LAX, Las Vegas, San Diego and Seattle.

Book by February 21 for travel from May 25 to September 6 and flights from Chicago to LAX or SFO are just $99 each way; flights from Chicago to Las Vegas, San Diego or Seattle are $119 each way.

Virgin America’s service includes an in-flight entertainment system that allows you to watch movies and tv, listen to music, play games, open a tab for food and drink (so you only pay once), and even chat with other passengers. Planes offer wifi (for a fee) and all seats have a power outlet you can stay connected inf light.

Photo by Patcard